TANBOOCEL Bamboo Fiber
      Bamboo fibre, which is a treasure product for textile and garment industry, was invented and manufactured by Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, with a registered TM of TANBOOCEL since 2002.
OEKO—TEX STANDARD 100 and OCIA,NOP certified for its excellent spinning and garment properties, the bamboo fibre product is currently in use by many medium and large-sized textiles and garment enterprises in both domestic and overseas markets.
    Jigao Chemical Fiber Co.,ltd has passed ISO 9001 :2000 Quality System Attestation , ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Attestation and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment. Relying on our expertise in bamboo fibers industry, JIGAO continues to grow rapidly with focus on customer needs and product quality through technology, innovation and supply chain development. The company has invested in home textile factory and renovated its yarn mills to produce high quality bamboo fibre products. Equipped with advanced Japan Murata and Italy Savio, etc, the company's apparels plant has passed EU BSCI-2 certification and supplies fabrics through the cooperation with excellent producers.
Tanboocel is stepping forward to be world renowned so as JIGAO.
    Established in 1986, JIGAO Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd is a leading producer and provider of Viscose fibers. With more than 2300 employees, JIGAO provides a wide range of fibre products that include: Bamboo Fibers, Viscose fibers, Cotton pulp, Bamboo pulp, Wood pulp, Shenma fibre, Siwear intelligent temperature regulation fibre. Shenma & Siwear are patent products as well as Bamboo fibre.
    With our innovative products and services, JIGAO is committed to a green and fashion textile industry and welfares of human beings.
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